Monday, December 01, 2014

Still counting..

Discovered our lease isn't up until January 31st.
Found a lovely (larger and less expensive) apartment in Southfield, very close to where Oscar's perambulating job is centered.
Discovered I have moving stress again, so am starting a new afghan (when the going gets tough, the tough grab a crochet hook?)
Have made Oscar a promise that when he perceives I am over doing (which happens a lot when there is a lot to be done and I am a bit stressed) he is allowed to enforce 'rest days'.  This made him feel a LOT better.
Our application is in for the apartment we want, we SHOULD find out tomorrow or Wednesday if we get it. It SHOULD be available mid January.
Worst case, it will be available late in January and moving will be a small and short nightmare.
The apartment has room for lots of stuff, but we are still being pretty darned Calvinist with our choices, we don't want to MOVE lots of stuff after all. It is nice that there will be room to work on refurbishing a barrister bookcase that my great-great grandfather made. It is in pieces and needs new glass, but I have a large work table and the back room is big enough to really get dug in and work on it. (with room for Oscar;s study area too!)
Stress is just another way of your body telling you you care about the outcome.
It helps tremendously that Oscar got stuck in and really cleaned and sorted this weekend. The kitchen looks great, the dining area is much better, and the dust rhinos vacated.
Lynnie is coming down today, a combo 'work on her website' and 'pack fragile stuff' visit.
We are blessed with our family.

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Kym said...

Keeping my fingers crossed and good juju flowing! Hope you get good news on the new apartment AND keep the stress down a bit.