Tuesday, December 09, 2014


I really feel so much better when important events have definite dates, amounts and tasks!

-We officially have the apartment.
-We know how much it will cost on the 15th when we sign the lease and take possession.
-We know we don't need to be out of here until January 31st, and plan to have moved ourselves and most of our stuff by the 24th (after we choose a moving company for the biggest stuff.)

I have accomplished some of  the moving tasks that make sense to do this month (arranging for electrical service in our name, etc) but life has also thrown a few spanners in the works, the most serious of which is an accident. The brakes failed on the van when Oscar was driving to work. No one was hurt, which is the most important thing, but the cost of repairing the brakes is estimated to be between $650 and $1,000. All is still on course though with help from family. (and yes, we know how lucky we are!)

An old friend will visit for a weekend to help pack stuff, Oscar's sister plans a trip down to help as well, and I can pack a box or two a day, most days. Oscar has an important test to take this month, but helps tremendously as and how he can.

I have the first anti-stress afghan blocks completed, today I will start setting them together and next will be the border.

I have another set of yarn all sorted out to be afghan number two!

So, as of today it is officially 37 days until we can begin moving our stuff to our new home.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to know you've got a good plan of action! :)