Thursday, November 20, 2014

7 weeks and counting...

About 2 and a half years ago we moved in to this apartment. Rent has gone up, income gone down and lease will be up mid January. We have been looking for a new apartment closer to Oscar's not -quite temporary (6 month contract at the moment, but can be extended indefinitely) job and think we have found one that MIGHT suit. We are waiting for the door measurements to be certain my smaller wheelchair can fit where I need to go, but the layout is nice, size is good and rent about $350 less per month (and a few utilities paid, which saves even more).
It is in a secure high rise in Southfield, Michigan which is a fairly central location to where Oscar is sent to work (they tell them each evening when and where to be the next day. Not a peaceful situation, really). Where we live now is at closest 20 minutes, but more usually an hour away, especially in rush hour traffic.
I have been getting rid of things (lots of yarn sent to charity knitters up north) and have plans to get rid of more (books to a young friend and the library) but have also started making packing plans.
Oscar will clear one corner of the living room and all boxes ready to head out to our new home will live there until we move.
Os is so exhausted when he comes home that the only time and energy he has to work on sorting happens on the weekend. I can do about one box a day, maybe two. So seven weeks is not really all that much time!
I tend to fret because I cannot just pitch in and get stuff done. Last time I used all that excess energy to make two big wool afghans for our new home (they are being used on the bed this month, Winter has hit with a vengeance as I am certain you have heard) this time I think I will use up all the acrylic scraps and make an easily washed afghan to keep in our new living room for couch cuddles.
Since I learned how to tie a fisherman's knot, using bits and bobs of yarn is fun!
(photo is of one of the afghans I made last time we were going to move... this one will be a lot more eccentric.)

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