Thursday, June 29, 2017

We Close Tomorrow

Tomorrow, the house becomes our home, and there is SUCH rejoicing!
It will be a long day for me, and the next three weeks will be long and difficult, too.
Oscar and I plan to share a meal in our new home tomorrow evening, and trial some paint colors, then come back to the apartment. The kitchen seen in the photo will be pale blue and two light shades of yellow... I really hate beige, especially in a kitchen.

Oscar will be going back tomorrow through Tuesday to paint at least three rooms.
In the following two weekends, he will be spending time at the house to be there for service installation, to remove three carpets, and oversee a team who will sand and seal two floors and buff two more. (the carpet pad was glued to the hardwood !!!) The third carpet is likely over concrete in the three-season room. That floor will be painted, I think.

Also in the meantime we need to get a hitch put on the car, buy a trailer with ramp (to transport my electrical power chair), and get ready for our official move day, July 21st!
I can hardly wait to take my chair out by myself and explore our new neighborhood :-}

Other dreams that become possible include gardening, beer and mead brewing, grilling and smoking.....  It's going to be a busy time getting settled into our new happier life :-}
The pretty green form exploring under the sink is my Sis-In-Love, who lives just across the street and one house down from our new home. Happy, happy days ahead!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

INSPECTION passed :-}

There are a number of small things to be fixed before move in can happen (we are getting an FHA loan) but there are no huge things wrong with the house! We will need to install some new windows, hopefully within the first year. Eventually we want to install an HVAC system instead of the 80/20 old furnace there now. Eventually we want to install a tankless hot water heater instead of the old water heater there now, and eventually, we want to install solar on the roof (our house is rated 75 for solar collection, awesome in Michigan)  BUT everything as is would be move-in able, the furnace and water heater are good for a while yet, and the 88 year old structure is sound and level, with hard wood floors and airy spaces.
We also will eventually replace the back porch 3-season room with a 4-season room, too.
Only a few details left before we can set a closing date.

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Inspection Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the inspection of our hoped-for new home! Photo is a glimpse of the garden. I'll have more photos tomorrow!

Sunday, June 04, 2017

More exciting times!

Back in 2011, we lost our home due to an upside down mortgage, and Oscar getting let go from Comcast (though no fault of his own!)
Fast forward 6 difficult years later, and we have had our offer accepted on a sweet little house built in 1929, just across the street from our beloved sister and sis-in-love, Lynnie.
Oscar's career is going very well, his 35 years of varied experience in IT is valued by his company (he just got a very healthy raise!) and he enjoys his job which contains a lot of trouble-shooting. He works most days from home, which is also wonderful.
I have had to give up knitting and much of my crocheting as my hands have worsened over the years, but I am still creating. I am getting serious about writing, and making small multi-media (paint and fiber, mostly) art pieces.
The inspection for our new home will be this coming Friday. If all goes well, we hope to close on the house by the end of the month.
This house. It is small, but perfect for my wheelchair, it has a studio space for me and a study for Oscar, a three season room looking out over a small back yard, perfect for me to have a few raised planting structures I can use from my wheelchair. Some work will need to be done (the addition of a wheelchair ramp, notably) but for the first time in 4 years, I will be able to use my powered electrical wheelchair to go on outings in our new neighborhood!
Freedom, gardening for the first time since 2011, and space to create.. it is a dream. Oscar will even be able to brew beer and mead again! We are so very excited :-}

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Bread Machine, How I Love Thee

After making the decision to no longer have a weekly order from Door-to-Door Organics, we knew we'd want to be making bread at home. After much research, we decided on the Panasonic SD-RD250 (we got ours at, with a few coupon codes and discounts, we paid $143). We used about 1.5 $5-6 loaves a week, so it should pay for itself before too much longer. Bonus, we can avoid any corn or citric acid or dairy allergies without worrying the bakery used cornmeal under its loaves (happens ALL THE TIME and is never included on the ingredients list, but don't get me started)
Anyway, in conjunction with the purchase I started looking into whole grain bread recipes, and found a nice little book on Amazon: The No Fuss Bread Machine Cookbook. Very informative, lots of detailed information about what ingredients work (or don't work) and why. I have a loaf of the 100% Whole Wheat loaf (suitably modified) working away right now. The best part? About 3 hours in the apartment smells A-MA-ZING!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Had a lovely short visit at the zoo today, Sunny, in the 50's, even the animals seemed to be celebrating, A young chimp and his mom, a lioness and lion, camels, wild horse, birds galore and daffodils. What's not to like? I particularly enjoyed the butterfly house, but what I really needed was the time outside. Thanks ot Oscar taking some time, I got it. He is hard at work this afternoon making up for it, too.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Small Purchase, Big Bonus

Oscar and I make tea every morning. He doesn't like coffee and I can't drink it any more. We have found the least expensive tea is to buy it loose-leaf. (about half the cost of buying the equivalent amount of Lipton tea bags) It also happens to taste wonderful (we like Kenilworth). We used to use double walled steel carafes to make our tea each morning, but a few months ago we invested in a Gourmia. Now one pot heats itself up, can be programmed to the best temperature for the type of tea and if we want to heat up tea after the pot has cooled, it only takes seconds. It also holds enough tea for both of us instead of having to use the two carafes. (the model we got is currently unavailable, but they have newer models)