Sunday, April 02, 2017

Bread Machine, How I Love Thee

After making the decision to no longer have a weekly order from Door-to-Door Organics, we knew we'd want to be making bread at home. After much research, we decided on the Panasonic SD-RD250 (we got ours at, with a few coupon codes and discounts, we paid $143). We used about 1.5 $5-6 loaves a week, so it should pay for itself before too much longer. Bonus, we can avoid any corn or citric acid or dairy allergies without worrying the bakery used cornmeal under its loaves (happens ALL THE TIME and is never included on the ingredients list, but don't get me started)
Anyway, in conjunction with the purchase I started looking into whole grain bread recipes, and found a nice little book on Amazon: The No Fuss Bread Machine Cookbook. Very informative, lots of detailed information about what ingredients work (or don't work) and why. I have a loaf of the 100% Whole Wheat loaf (suitably modified) working away right now. The best part? About 3 hours in the apartment smells A-MA-ZING!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Had a lovely short visit at the zoo today, Sunny, in the 50's, even the animals seemed to be celebrating, A young chimp and his mom, a lioness and lion, camels, wild horse, birds galore and daffodils. What's not to like? I particularly enjoyed the butterfly house, but what I really needed was the time outside. Thanks ot Oscar taking some time, I got it. He is hard at work this afternoon making up for it, too.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Small Purchase, Big Bonus

Oscar and I make tea every morning. He doesn't like coffee and I can't drink it any more. We have found the least expensive tea is to buy it loose-leaf. (about half the cost of buying the equivalent amount of Lipton tea bags) It also happens to taste wonderful (we like Kenilworth). We used to use double walled steel carafes to make our tea each morning, but a few months ago we invested in a Gourmia. Now one pot heats itself up, can be programmed to the best temperature for the type of tea and if we want to heat up tea after the pot has cooled, it only takes seconds. It also holds enough tea for both of us instead of having to use the two carafes. (the model we got is currently unavailable, but they have newer models)

Friday, March 27, 2015


Oscar and I unpacked several of our 'fragile' boxes, sorted out some art for the walls, and put things (mostly) at random on some shelves. Still untidy, but the living area is coming together.

Left of TV

Back section of Living room

Right of TV

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Weight Watchers is working. I stuffed my face every day to make the points total, and when weigh day rolled around I had lost 2.5 pounds!
In other health news, I see a new doctor next week. One that is basically across the street from me, MUCH better than the 30 mile trip I had before.
Living here has been difficult, but after total rest for three days, the bruising around my abdominal mesh is at last subsiding. I guess I have been fighting depression triggered by not being able to do even as much as I used to (I have not crafted anything for almost two weeks, nor watched tv when on my own. Very unlike me!) I feel a bit better today, with the bruising gone, I think I can cook a little, then see how that goes. If it stays gone, I will add a bit more (maybe some housecleaning).
The unrelenting cold is getting to Oscar. I keep thinking a month from now, Spring will have begun.
I am blessed to live in a warm home with the man I love. (And Moonie cat, of course :-} )