Thursday, December 11, 2014

Update and More Unexpectedness

Things are well in hand for the move, more companies called to change over service next month, more boxes packed, more crocheting done to keep myself sane, but the car started having trouble today. Since the van was ready to be picked up, the timing was fine, as Oscar is dropping the car off for diagnostics when picking up Mr. Van. It is taking him approximately twice as long as usual to get there, as the car is not happy about being driven. If a car can limp, this one has a definite hitch in its getalong.
So, that's the update. Fingers crossed it's a bandaid type repair rather than major surgery.

(the photo is a selfie of me with some of the completed afghan squares. Not quite done after all, my hands gave up and demanded a vacation. You can see Moonie snoozing in the background)

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