Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Flux Capacity

Lots of stuff still up in the air. Oscar is working hard every single day they let him. It is a short term contract job upgrading essential medical computer stuff at hospitals in South East Michigan. Lots of toting heavy tools and hardware around, and lots of times they send them home early because his team works hard and quickly. Or they tell him to not come back for a few days, as the next job is waiting on approval etc. So. Bumpy.
On the other side, after nine months of hard study he has passed his Linux Certification which opens up a whole new swath of job opportunities for better pay doing something he loves. I am SO PROUD!!! (Yes, Oscar rocks :-} ) Still no word on the job interview from a week or so ago. We hope to learn results next week, maybe in time for his birthday.
His job at the hospital exposes him to lots of germs. Despite his best efforts he brings home the occasional bug (or I was exposed on Sunday at the grocery store). Yesterday my fever topped out at 100.4 degrees f. My normal is between 96.8-97.8 so that made me a bit nervous. I am feeling better today, with temp only up to 99. I lost my spleen when I was 14 and have a compromised immune system, so it can get hairy. We will both be glad when Os moves on to a better, safer job. In the meantime he makes sure to get as much rest as possible and to keep his OJ intake high . :-} I also slipped in the tub two days ago luckily with no more ill effect than damaging my bad ankle a bit and some strained muscles. Only a few aches left today (and a really fat ankle and swollen abdomen from too much 'stretch') so I got lucky again.
Other stuff is much the same, lots of reading and review writing, and keeping my hands busy with needles and hook.

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AlisonH said...

Take good care of yourselves, and go Oscar on the hard work and the studying and may it pay off very well.

Grapes are a source of zinc and I tend to throw some in the blender with the orange juice anytime I've been exposed to anything. It seems to help. (Zicam is a source of zinc too but it has been shown to sometimes permanently damage the sense of smell from inhaling it; grapes are a heck of a lot safer.)