Sunday, July 13, 2014

Interesting Week

Thursday I went to Urgent Care with a high fever, they sent me on to the ER at St. Joe's. Two days later I am home, better but with no answers as yet. A blood culture is still in process and will be getting a final analysis on Monday, maybe that will show something.
Also found a letter waiting from my Doc that was delayed in being sent (from June 20th) that my last blood panel showed a slightly high glucose count, looking at the hospital paperwork, it was a bit higher yet in their tests.
I have an appointment on Tuesday but since I didn't discover this until Friday night, I am not able to get the fasting glucose test they want until next Saturday when Oscar is off work again. (Hopefully not until then, there is always a chance with Oscar's current contract that missing hardware etc means they lay them off for a day unexpectedly. No work means no pay, so that is not what we want!) Probably pre-diabetic, but since I rarely eat sweets except for sugar in my morning tea it shouldn't be too hard to adapt. I even eat high protein pasta and don;t have bread or potatoes often. My dad developed adult onset diabetes so I have always been cautious and only had sweets when I also had a high protein meal.
I am feeling a bit better, as I said but still under the weather. I had two big iv bags of two different antibiotics on Thursday night, so it is possible it is a reaction from that. (Antibiotics often give me an upset stomach for a week or so afterward.)
I am just glad to be home. 


Kym said...

Take care, Diana! Be gentle with yourself.

AlisonH said...

Oh honey. I'm sorry. I hope you feel better quickly.