Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Keeps on Moving, Time.

Oscar has some interim work (a five-week contract updating some hospital tech systems) and had a good interview on Monday that seems very promising. We hope to hear back about the interview in two weeks, but since it took them quite a while to go from asking if he was interested to setting up the initial interview, we aren't holding our breath. It seems solid though, even if it might take a while to actually begin. The contract will likely be extended, so we have some level of income to tide us over for a bit while Os keeps on looking for work.

I have been working on some test editing (for free, to keep my mind occupied) and have been publishing reviews (averaging about one a day). After I finish the three test patterns that aren't mine, I will work on a few promised for a friend a while ago, AND compile a list of my own patterns that are very close to finished. If I can make a final push on those, and get them test knitted/crocheted in turn (there are some free groups on Ravelry that do a great job) I may be able to publish them this autumn.

Once Oscar has a permanent job nailed down, we immediately go into apartment-hunting mode. I am eager to move. To be strictly accurate, I am eager to have the move over with, to begin the next chapter of our life.
Oscar is working his butt off. This five week contract is tough work for not much money. He is not only doing that (along with the horrible commute) but studying for his Linux certification AND for college classes. And still putting resumes out there. He is likely very eager for our next chapter to begin as well!

His birthday is coming up the first week of July. It would be marvelous timing to hear he has a new permanent position.

(photo is of me taken when I was probably about 4 years old (1966), on our pony Rastus)

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Kym said...

Hang in there, Diana. I'm betting that all of Oscar's hard work will pay off (again!), and you'll soon be on the other side of that move. XOXO