Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Crafting Remedies

It is interesting to me that there are different levels of crafting for different emotional states. Some days the best distraction is plunging into something with a lot of difficulty, a challenge to overcome. Days when I am feeling fragile the best cure is crocheting rather than knitting, perhaps because it is something I have done since I was about six years old, a true comfort.
One of the charities I make things for needs warm hats. Mostly, that means knitting (crocheting often leaves spaces unless done like armor), but I have been challenging myself to make an equally warm crocheted hat pattern. I tried with my Rampart (ravelry link) but it still isn't up to snuff without extra steps (in this case, brush- felting the outer surface, and crocheting an additional lining for the crown).
I think I have a winner in the one I crafted recently though. It used half double crochets (a dense stitch) and uses them in a way that creates an extra air pocket inside the hat. I also like the way the fabric looks, much more cohesive and smooth than other types of crochet stitching.
It has the added benefit of (after the initial increases) having a rather long swath of simple, comforting crochet. I have been working on the increasing bits using some Malabrigo Merino Worsted that was gifted to me (in the form of knitted squares, which did not fit together, and which I frogged) for specific charity use.
I had fun combining them together with each other, and with other yarns in the charity bin. I now have several hat starts, all set for the soothing crochet bit waiting for me in a big zip top bag near my chair. It gives me a great sense of security, knowing they are there and that I can spend time in front of the tv yet still accomplish something.
(photo above is of the first incarnation of the as-yet-nameless hat.. any ideas? Photo below is of the felted Rampart Hat)

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AlisonH said...

Beautiful, beautiful hats, and the warmth and love in Oscar's face matches them so well.