Thursday, September 19, 2013

Rampart Hat - New Free Otterwise Design

I published a new pattern today. It's a free crocheted hat pattern set up so you can use any yarn/hook combination you have on hand.

RAMPART HAT (link is to Ravelry)

Like a rampart protects an ancient castle, the deep texture and double-layered crown of this top-down hat protects the wearer from the winter cold. Because sizing is based on a target measurement rather than stitch gauge, the pattern can be used with any yarn and hook combination you find pleasing. I also include directions for creating a double-layered crown and for using an old Swedish method like that used on Lovikka mittens (page is in Swedish) to make the hat even warmer. (Here's a page in English that talks about Lovikka mittens)


Marietta said...

LOVE the hat!

Don Meyer said...

Oscar makes a great model!