Saturday, September 14, 2013

Lovely Shopping Day

Today we visited Coleman's Produce.
We bought our winter supply of their home-canned onion relish, hot chow chow and a jar each of their cherry salsa and apple butter.
We also brought home an armful of winter squash and some root vegetables to roast this weekend.(the root veggies... the squash is to last for a few months LOL)  And a small pot of rosemary for the windowsill.
Oh, and a beautiful mum to put on the porch (it's the reddish one in photos below).
For supper, we had Bobotie, with  some non-dairy adaptations. The small white flower is one that our house plant surprised us with. It must have enjoyed its summer outside :-}

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Don Meyer said...

STOP! You're making me hungry, and I just finished breakfast.