Sunday, September 22, 2013

Golden Pattern Celebration

The Rampart Hat pattern I published this past week was my 50th pattern. I published my first pattern a bit over 6 years ago. I think this deserves a celebration, so from now until the end of the month, any and all of my patterns are on sale for 50% off through Ravelry. (link is to my Ravelry pattern page).
Just use the coupon code 'ottersrock' as you go through checkout. below is gathering of links and photos of those 26 patterns I have for sale:

Elijah Cabled Hat

Dragontail Shawl

Wave Baby

Dragon Butt Hat

Alison Bag

Farrow Rib Hat and Scarf Set

Wild Cherry Bark Mitts

Aconite Shawl

Mysig Means Cozy

Winter Bud Cowl

Catseye Socks

Equalizer Hat

Hope Springs Shawl

Corydalis Cowl

Withig Scarf

Rosie Socks

Espalier, Too

Oscillate Scarf

Withig Wimple, Cowl and Circular Scarf

Stellaria Shawl

Gentle Shawl

Winter Vine Cowl in Three Sizes

Kaleidoscope Shawl

Ear Snuggling Hat in All Sizes

Spinning Wheel Mitts

Spinel Hat

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AlisonH said...

This was so fun to scroll through! Beautiful work--well done, Diana!