Tuesday, September 03, 2013

An Adventurous Day

Today we got into my van at 12:20 pm and headed out to see my parents. I especially looked forward to seeing my Dad, who is in a nursing home/rehab situation for now.
30 minutes later a tire blew out. Everyone was safe, but a combination of a broken spare tire rack (making the spare inaccessible) a tow truck who of course was not at all handicap accessible (and of course the van could not be towed with me in it) and a very nice man (the tow truck driver) who gave Oscar and our destroyed tire a ride to and from the tire-store meant a very long day traveling only 30 miles from home. By the time all was settled, it was 5:30, and too late to complete the journey and have any time to speak with Dad. So we will go back in a few weeks.
It was a bit scary in the van waiting on my own. It was very close to the highway and every time a semi went by the van shook and swayed. Thank goodness I had my kindle along, and also thank goodness I still have the knack of completely losing myself in a book. It made the wait so much more pleasant. It was also perfect weather for being trapped in a van along side the freeway; mid-70s outside, 80 inside with a nice breeze coming in the window. I had plenty of water, too.
I am a bit uncomfortable from the time spend laying on the bench seat, but much better than if it had been in the car where my feet would have been down and my abdomen upright for too long.


Anonymous said...

Yikes. Glad you're okay!

Don Meyer said...

Ouch! You needed that like a third thumb! Thank Heaven no one was hurt, or side-swiped by a passing truck!

Ria said...

WOW! So glad it didn't turn out worse than it did! Sorry you couldn't see your dad - but I'm happy you were ok!

Marietta said...

Yikes! So scary!

AlisonH said...

Wow. I'm sorry. Glad it turned out okay and that you got a nice tow truck driver, and I hope you get to see your dad soon.