Sunday, August 11, 2013

Mad for Mod Cozy Mystery Series

I recently reviewed a cozy mystery series that I really enjoyed.
It is written by Diane Vallere, who also writes the Style and Error series (which I have not read).
This series, the Mad for Mod series is written around Madison Night, who shares a birthday with Doris Day.
She has a strong interest in mid-century design, and runs a decorating business in Dallas called Mad for Mod.
Vallere does a great job writing a tightly-plotted cozy mystery with a strong female lead, with plenty of references to Doris Day's movies sprinkled throughout. The first book is called Pillow Stalk, the second, which I reviewed, is That Touch of Ink (link is to my full review on
I love Doris Day's romantic comedies so this book really hit the spot. Luckily enough, Turner Classic Movies was running a Doris Day movie collection the day I finished reading the book, so I was able to fill my craving almost immediately.
(Image above is a still from Glass Bottom Boat)


Don Meyer said...

Yes, I like Doris Day movies. I'll have to look into that mystery series. Some reviewer really liked it.

Deb said...

Oh I have this author and series on my to be read list.

Hope your summer is going well.