Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Projects and Catch Up and New Ventures

I finished the striped sweater except for weaving in the ends (as you can see from the photo), and am working on another one when the mornings are cool enough. I am also making a shawl from cotton and knitting on a secret project for a friend. I also have an entire laundry basket full of finished projects that need their ends woven in. I am planning a movie marathon day to get as many as I can finished up. We need the use of the laundry basket back!
This week I am also weaving in the ends on a pattern I designed that is ALMOST ready. I need to get a few good photos, but with my new friends here at the apartment complex, I think I can find someone. It will be my 50th published pattern. Wow. I can hardly believe it!:-}
I have a hankering to design three related but different hat patterns, too; one colorwork (Fair Isle designs) one using twisted Bavarian stitches and the other based on Gansey knit and purl patterns.
I am still eager to put together an ebook of patterns between now and the end of the year, but keep getting side tracked. I plan to use the 'list 6 items' method to organize my days a bit better. I started yesterday, and am about 1/3rd of the way done with half the items on the list. My grade so far in my opinion is 'Needs Improvement!'
I also am toying with having the patterns be part of a short story. I love writing fiction but haven't done much of it for quite some time. The photos will need to be pretty high quality stuff for the ebook. I am still pondering. Maybe the short story ebook will wait until next year and I will focus on a pattern collection ebook in the meantime.
I skipped swimming this past weekend because of a chest cold, but am eager to return to the pool this coming weekend. My dad has been sick, but seems to be mostly out of the woods. We hope to visit him and Mom over Labor Day weekend. Oscar's work is morphing again, but the new incarnation will likely be better for his goal of getting his Bachelor (and possibly later his Masters!) degree. This Wednesday if all goes well he will have officially tested and completed the first three classes, and he is only 6 weeks into the term! He is already studying for class four. I am very proud of him. :-}
Another project I am working on is creating a second blog focusing on non-fiction book reviews. I have a very wide range of interests, and have been given some non-fiction books for review via Netgalley that have me very excited. It is a way to pursue those interests even though I can no longer get out into the field. Some of the topics are wildcrafting, conservation, environmentally sound vehicles, women adventurers, and odd folks from Canada as well as some Pagan spiritualism and self-help books.Of course there are several crafting books on knitting there too. Who knows what will catch my eye in the future? I have enough non-fiction books in my queue now to last through December. I did a quick search and it seems there are a preponderance of fiction review blogs, but very few non fiction, and almost no eclectic non-fiction blogs.
I am also toying with a name for the review blog, perhaps I'll keep it simple, something like Otterwise Books.  Any ideas?


AlisonH said...

Go Oscar! Congratulations!

Love that sweater. It's so cheerful. And as for review names... otterwise known as... Hmm.

AlisonH said...

And best wishes to your dad; I hope things go well for him and that you get to have that visit.

Marietta said...

Love the sweater!
I think reviewing nonfiction would be great.
I tend to read science nonfiction, and can only get "reviews" from other readers on places like Amazon.

Don Meyer said...

In no particular order --
Love the sweater!
'Way to go, Oscar! Congratulations!
Good prayers for your Dad.
Otter Good Reads?