Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fiber Obsessed? Me?

Yesterday I was on the Weight Watcher’s site (5.4 pounds gone so far, yay!)  When I read the following: 
“Find an activity you enjoy, from gardening to Spinning. Then do it, and track it.”
I was SO EXCITED!!!! Wow!!! I wondered if using the electric spinner counted, then realized the foot pedaling was likely most of the points gained, then wondered about drop spindling…. and only about an hour later realized they were talking about THIS kind of spinning.
I am such a dork!


Ria said...

Love that!

And congrats!! I'm up to 30 pounds lost.. Pretty soon the belt isn't going to help and I'll have to go clothes shopping.

AlisonH said...

Love it! Years ago our local YMCA announced it was offering spinning classes, and I had the same reaction at first. And then I teased the clerk a little.