Saturday, September 15, 2012

Changes, Tools and Security

The first money from SSD has arrived.
One of the first things I paid for was a membership to weight watchers. Today is my first day. This week I am focusing on tracking my food intake, exercise etc. while eating my normal amount.
So far, I am way behind. According to them, I should be eating double what my normal intake is.
This is not a surprise, it is what happened the last time I was part of weight watchers.
Last time, when I upped my intake I started losing immediately.
Odd, that.
I also purchased items that will save us money in the long run while increasing the healthiness of our household. Things like the book Healthy Breads in Five Minutes a Day and a long-wished-for membership to America's Test Kitchen online.
Another important tool is a heavy duty stool for me to use in the kitchen. With my wheelchair most tasks require many repetitions of 'twenty point' turns within the confines of the kitchen. With the stool I can move about with great agility. (I'd better warn the cats!)
We also have talked about and will implement a loose weekly menu to make shopping and cooking more streamlined.
Oscar and I have a preference for whole grains and healthy, natural foods. with my new freedom in the kitchen I plan to make certain we always have something healthy we can choose for dinner.
Oscar also loves to cook and plans to explore that interest a few Sundays a month (I am a lucky woman!)
Another item on our list to buy is a used bicycle for Oscar. If he likes it and uses it often we will budget for a new bicycle in the spring.
Best of all, this money will greatly fatten our savings account.
We are trialing a type of budget software to help us keep on track and be able to plan things like yearly vacations.
I cannot express the relief of having some financial security.


Ria said...

So glad for you!

Don Meyer said...

Eat more and LOSE weight? Or is it a matter of WHAT you eat?

Glad to hear that your SSD finally kicked in. High time!

AlisonH said...

Wonderful! Oh, it's so good to hear you so happy.

Anonymous said...

I've been doing WW for 1.5 years (and I did it about 12 years ago before I got married). It is a fantastic program. If you're interested, I can tell you some of my favorite low-point snacks... (and I'd love to hear yours!).