Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wonderful Times

I get a daily email from It almost always provides food for thought and information new to me.This morning there were a few extra special articles, ones that left me in happy tears.

The first is about a man who used his computer hacking skills to enable his mom to communicate using email for the first time since her stroke twelve years ago. Interesting stuff, but it was the video that really got me. Her face is flat-out glowing with joy.

The next was also inspiring.
Clare Lomas is a remarkable person. If you watched the Paralympics, you may have seen her standing to light the cauldron in London. She has been using a Rewalk suit to live her life. Without it, she would be confined to a wheelchair because a spinal cord injury left her legs unable to support her on their own.
With it, she has completed the course of the London Marathon (raising thousands for research into spinal damage). She also plans to travel from London to Paris using an electric bicycle. What really got me was this: 

   But it wasn’t the marathon, or lighting the Paralympic cauldron (which she did recently in London), that really impressed her.
“One of the best experiences was standing at a bar,” she told Reuters. “To be stood up in this means everything to me.”

The full article is HERE


AlisonH said...

Very cool!

Don Meyer said...

Wow! That is indeed remarkable! So good to see a stroke victim with that kind of smile!