Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Thursday morning Oscar heads out on a trek to Vermont.
He is going with our friend Chris Davis' mom and brother to support Chris as he endures the Spartan Races Ultra Beast, the ultimate goal of months of work this year. The Ultra Beast is a marathon-length obstacle course.
I have mentioned Chris before. Not too long ago he weighed almost 700 pounds. Through hard work and surgery he reduced that to 400 pounds. This year through grueling training and diet, learning things about himself, and most of all teaching his trainers what true grit is he has gotten his weight down to 272 pounds as of a few days ago.
It isn't just the weight loss. He has trained his body to do things he never thought it could. He has been going on marathon-long walks several times a week, working to clear land, and this week to help build the Ultra Beast course he will be going through this weekend.
If you are interested in his story, here is collection of videos made this year.
We are so very proud of him. He has always been strong. Now he is close to invincible.


Don Meyer said...

It CAN be done! A role model to live up to. I realize that you cannot exercise as he does, but you will do what you can.

The nurse at Avenidas struggles to keep my weight UP. When I was in the service I weighed about 140. When I got home and back on my mother's cooking, I ballooned up to 165, and I looked like a balloon. So I decided to diet. After about a month, I'd lost about about a pound, and I was pretty disgusted. I went off the diet, had a banana split, and the following week I was down about 10 pounds. I credit it to the split. Ultimately I leveled off at 145, until recently, and now I seem to have leveled off at 134. Well, I'm not very big - small boned.

AlisonH said...

Wow. Go Chris!

Ria said...

It's good to see an update on Chris!! I'm glad Oscar can go and support his efforts!