Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Tomorrow Night...

Almost there. Tomorrow night if all goes well we will be sleeping in our new home.
The past three days I have been pushing myself beyond what is really recommended to get all my personal stuff packed up and also to help empty bookshelves and a few other larger items that will be moved tomorrow with the help of Liz and Fred. The plan is, tomorrow bright and early Oscar will take me over to the apartment then return to meet Liz and Fred here. After the truck is packed, the three of them will come to the apartment. Liz will stay and help me get some things unpacked and organized while Fred and Oscar go back for another load. I hope they take it a little easy, as it is slated to be hot. It is one reason we will be working in the morning. I really think it will only take 2 or at most 3 trips to get the large stuff over. Anything else Oscar can bring in the van another time. If the van holds out. It has become cranky about starting recently. From the symptoms, it sounds to me like the solenoid in the starter is going.
The big/awkward things to be moved are 1. our bed 2. my lift chair 3. the china cabinet 4. the tv (too heavy for Oscar to install by himself) and 5. Oscar's desk.
After that, if we have room on a trip it would be good to get Oscar's recliner, the heavy but small-folding table and perhaps the last of the bookcases. This would mean all else can fit in Little Blue.
Today I am packing the stuff from the china cabinet, the drawers in the folding table and perhaps stuff on the last studio book case. If I still have the will and the ability I will start working on the tea cabinet and the spice cabinet in the kitchen. The tea cabinet is coming with us, the other is bigger, and needs too much work to look nice. (It holds spices, oils, vinegars and some glasses as well).
Oh, and I need to organize the essential knitting tools to come with me in the morning! (doh!)
I am working hard, but Oscar is working at least 12 times as hard.
This Saturday, Liz, Fred and Lynnie will come down to help organize and move more stuff and most importantly, celebrate Oscar's birthday. My nephew Tucker plans to come on Sunday to help however he can. Maybe Oscar will ask him to come another weekend instead. We will deserve a few days of rest after all this.


AlisonH said...

Oscar's a peach, and so are the helpers. Soon it will all be done and it will be so worth it all. I wish I could come help!

LynnM said...

Go slow. You can have fun with a bit of disruption.
I've moved so many times to know the stress you are facing and wish I could have told my younger self it will get sorted eventually.

Sleep well, say goodbye to your old digs and enjoy your early days in the new place!

Anonymous said...

So all of the fireworks on July 4 are celebrating your new home! Congrats and hope everything goes well.

Martha from Ohio

Don Meyer said...

Whew! I'm tired just reading this.
Please, please, do not over do. As I think LynnM is saying, it will all get done in due time. And a happy Fourth!

Anonymous said...

Damn I feel useless. I wish I had a way there to help. Even if "helP' means just making you slow down and not overdo. damdamdamdamdam!

--Lyn from Hell, I mean BC--

Tony said...

How fun it will be for you to be in your new home :)