Saturday, June 30, 2012

It's Coming Together

As we near our move date, things are ratcheting up in the Otter household.
My hips are better. I am still more comfortable reclining fully back in the recliner. It has occasioned a new look for me. There is a bright overhead light above where I sit, wonderful for reading or knitting but bad when it glares into my eyes, so I have a baseball cap on to block the extra lumens. I also have my lap top precariously balanced on my belly, on an inclined air-space thing, which is on the plastic top of a dismantled lap desk, which is in turn on top of a wedge-shaped pillow. This puts at a good angle for my hands, but not at all for my neck and head. This means I have a rolled up quilt supporting my neck and head which just happens to line up with the top of the chair that makes it a prime location for Moonie cat to sit on. I have to keep moving his foot when it drapes over my head and messes with the bill of my baseball cap.
Add in Basil kitty, who has filled in the aching space where Buddha used to lie at my side, and I am pretty cozy.
Oscar has the van and powered chair charging for tomorrow, and is busily loading a few bookcases and some boxes of things in the van to take with us on our first trip to our new apartment. We meet for an orientation tomorrow at 1 p.m. and are both very excited to see the finished place. Brand new flooring and walls, I bet it's all shiny :-} I will be bringing the camera, too.
After loading the van he will put some boxes in Little Blue (our Chevy Aveo hatchback) ready to deliver before he has to be at work tomorrow.
I have some knitting to show you, maybe I'll wear my new pair of socks tomorrow and take photos of them in our new home.
I have some finished pattern samples set back waiting for us to be moved.
To block an item here larger than a fingerless mitt, blanket square or sock I had to have Oscar bring our our long rectangular folding table, get the foam blocking boards hooked together and pin a portion at a time from my chair, moving the ENTIRE table to get to the next section. In our new home I can use a permanently set up table that I can maneuver my manual chair around, and pin the entire thing out for drying. I'm waiting to block the two waiting shawls until things are set up at the new place.
I have also discovered a correlation between not being able to write and high pain levels. I have a rough draft waiting for the final touches but was unable to think through the pain the past while. This too will pass at the new place. Good thing, too. I am determined to get every single review done by working at it a little or a lot every day (first thing in the mornings are best). The same applies to polishing the final drafts of patterns. I have several ready for that step which is an exciting place to be.
I know I will need to budget my spoons. Gallivanting every day just because I can is a certain road to eventual disaster. I would much rather have one or two lovely outings a week while I come to grips with how much of my energy and effort is needed to keep the house in order. That is my first priority. Oscar has been shouldering that burden far too long already, and I want to give him back some freedom with this move as well. Independence day. Big day for the U.S. but this year it is tremendously huge for us as well.


Anonymous said...

Independence Day - love it. :)

Don Meyer said...

Good Grief, I'm not going any where, and you are making me tired.

And yes, Independence Day does take on special meaning. Good luck and good wishes in your new abode!