Monday, July 09, 2012

The New Place

Finally back on the computer again, but for much less time per day until the apartment is put in better order.
Here are some shots I took on move in day. Mostly it is great, the one thing that will be changed is the height of the bars on the bathtub. As you will see from my photos, most of them are at about knee height while one is so high I can barely reach it. they will be moving them up (and down) to match the ones near the toilet.
Other than an adventure involving a poorly installed ceiling light (left from the previous tenant) falling onto the bed about 10 minutes after I got up things have gone well as far as the move is concerned. The biggest problem is where to put everything, as you can see from the shots of the kitchen most of the cupboards are too high. Thank goodness Oscar can reach them! I need to determine which items are essential for me to have access to, then everything else can go in the out-of-my-reach storage and Os can get them down when we want them. There is lots of storage here, plenty of closets and shelves it is just down to determining what will go where, and what we really don't need after all.
So on to the photos! I have added a few captions:

The oddly placed helper bars

Lovely bathroom with LOTS of light

The first thing I purchased for our new home. It matches my Kitchen-Aid mixer!

The view down the hallway from the bedroom to the livingroom

The Kitchen viewed over the breakfast bar

Peeking into the laundry/pantry

Countertops at a decent height for using the appliances, and plenty of knee room under the sink!

View of living room from dining nook

Oscar has been an IRON man this month!

View into livingroom/dining room from front of room. Note the perfect height of the outlets!

The studio

Huge closet in the studio, fits our chest freezer, my clothes and my yarn!

The view out my studio window, over the patio


Topenchilada (Laura J) said...

I'm so excited for you! Love those wood floors, too. Can't wait to hear you are all settled in.

Anonymous said...

Very nice, Diana !

LynnM said...

It looks beautiful! I love the large space, neutral wall color and flooring in your living room and studio! And all that light!

BTW, I'm not fussy about typos unless they change the meaning of the thought and I think you mean "NOTE the perfect height of the outlets" 'cause they look ideal to me!

Don Meyer said...

Hey, Lynn, it does say 'Note'.
The place looks fantastic! There is always SOMEthing that needs fixing, or changing, or whatever (including commenters comments). But all in good time. Enjoy!

LynnM said...

Hey Don, Oh my gosh, you're right! 'Tis a magical correction. And they ARE perfect!

Don is right. There's always something. All in good time.

Ria said...

That looks great!! So glad you found something suitable!

Maggie said...

Diana & Oscar --

This apartment will be such a blessing for you two. I'm so happy that you found it. While I know it must be a wrench to leave your gardens -- knowing you, you'll wind up with stuff in pots on that patio shortly. And being here will be SO much easier for you. Just think -- time for yourself for a change!

Please post new piccies in about 6 months -- after you get COLOR in those rooms!

Congrats -- may Hestia bless you both.

Warm hugs and woofs,
Maggie & MacTaggart

AlisonH said...

That is all so, so, wonderful!