Thursday, June 28, 2012

In the Nick of Time?

Mostly the reason I am in a wheelchair is my ankle. It's pretty messed up. I also have trouble with my abdomen and various 'hot spots' of arthritis in knees, hips, spine etc. This past few days I spent some time on a wheeled stool (the only mobile seat that will work in this house), It's highest setting is still just a little too low for comfort, but I needed to use it in order to pack a few boxes a day. I did what I used to do before the doc told me to put my hiney in a wheelchair, I gritted my teeth and kept packing.
Until yesterday I got up and could not walk, and could not recline half way in my chair. It seems the arthritis in my hips decided to teach me a lesson. I am used to a certain level of pain that never really goes away, but this was a day way too high on the pain scale.  I am lucky enough to have pain meds, and I took them, but it only helped so much. As I stated, the only wheeled conveyance that works in the house is the same stool that caused the flare up. I spent the day reclining completely in my chair, lying on my side in bed and sitting up in my lift chair (which is high enough not to aggravate my hip). The sitting up in my chair had to be limited because of the abdomen thing. A good night's sleep helped set things half way back to right, but it brought home how very much I need to be in the new apartment. 
Serendipity and relatives being what they are, Oscar's mom called without knowing what had happened and offered to help us move the most important bits over the fourth of July. With any luck at all I will be sleeping in our new home in less than a week. There will still be lots of stuff to move, but we'll have time. After much of the furniture is moved, I should be able to wheel around the old house in my manual chair and help, provided we can somehow get me inside again.


Mokihana said...

I am so happy that you get to move and that Oscar's mom can help you. Can't wait to see photos of your new place!

Don Meyer said...

Good Grief, my friend, you are in worse shape than I am. At least I can walk.

Now which one in the photo is your mother? I'm guessing not the one in the middle.

Momtroll said...

I am so happy we will be able to help you out with the move. See you on the 4th at about noon.

AlisonH said...

It's frustrating when you feel like you're not up to doing your part. Take good care of yourself--and I'm really glad help arrived, right on cue. Go Mom! And Oscar, and LynnM, too.