Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's Official, We Have a New Home

Through serendipity, Oscar walked in to the complex where we will be living just a few hours after a completely ADA compliant apartment became available. The person who handles such things told him it is the first time an accessible apartment has been available to someone other than an existing resident of the complex, as most folks stay there a long time.
Yesterday we submitted our application and were officially approved. The apartment needs about 40 days of work to get it ready for us (the previous tenants literally dropped off the keys the same day we were approved) which will mean we will take ownership exactly when we wanted to, around July 1st. This gives us enough time to save some money from Oscar's first few checks and start our new life with a nice monetary cushion.
It also gives us all this time before July to pack, and two more months to shift our belongings and make certain we have everything we need, and only those possessions we love move with us. No more 'misc' boxes packed hastily for sorting later, this will be a thoughtful, deliberate rebuilding of our living space.
Some of my favorite things about the apartment:
-the main living areas including my 8' X 9' patio has a southern exposure, meaning I can make a garden's worth of plants in pots as well as having plenty of sun even in winter.
-there is a fairly large storage area off the patio where Os can keep his tools
-there are MILES of sidewalks that wind around the landscaping so I can get out of the house every single day on my own.
-the complex is very near stores like Ikea and Michael's Crafts, close enough I can take my electric wheelchair. By myself.
- The pool and jacuzzi in the complex have a gentle set of steps with a sturdy hand rail, so Oscar and I can go swimming and 'jacuzzi-ing' together. If I can find someone to move my chair after I reach the handrails, I can go swimming by myself, too.
-we will be living within 10 minutes of our dear friends Amanda, Scott, Sean and Isabella. (YAY! Godmother time!)
- the craft/study/workout room has plenty of space for both Oscar and me to work.
-it has room to utilize a set of Duncan Phyfe table and china cabinet my parents gave me and have been keeping until we found our home (they are likely reproductions, but made more than 100 years ago).
-I can also refurbish and rebuild a bookcase my great grandpa Kreider made to use in our new, spacious living room.
There are lots more things I look forward to, and I am sure I will find even more.
(the photo above is of the common room in the clubhouse... it has artwork featuring a sheep. For a knitter like me, that is a sign from God :-} )


Don Meyer said...

'WAY TO GO!! And near friends, as well! Could it possibly be better? I am delighted for you guys.

Quick question -- how often do you Dunc Phyfe?

Kym said...

I have gotten WAY behind on my blog-reading over the last few weeks. Oh. Diana! I am SO excited to read all of your wonderful news. I KNEW it would all happen at once . . . and it seems like it did! Congratulations to Oscar on a great new position . . . and congratulations to you on NEW DIGS that will allow you experience so much more of life.

I am so happy for you.

JaM said...

Such good news! That Shropshire Sheep was there just in case you had any doubts.

LynnM said...

How ideal in every respect! AND AN IKEA!!!! I'm so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

MAZEL TOV! I'm thrilled to learn that your patience and positive attitude have been rewarded. Yea!!

Anonymous said...

I am so delighted for you both! Yay! It sounds ideal. For the first few runs in the area, get a friend to go along to help be a "spotter" for the best ramps and hidden obstacles so you can maximize the experiences.

Be sure to take your camera, we'd love to see everything!!! Give Oscar the Serendipitous a big hug from us, he did great.



AlisonH said...

How did I miss this earlier! Wow, congratulations, things are coming together so well for you guys!