Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Kind of Guy

Seeing as it is taking me 3 days (so far) to recover from apartment hunting on Saturday, Oscar set forth today with a list of appointments I made with a marathon telephone session yesterday. We may have found not just a place that will 'do' but a very lovely new home. It is not finalized yet (still waiting to hear back on what floor covering choice I could make) but the complex itself is accessible and beautiful with lots of sidewalks I can use to enjoy the grounds, and coffee shops and stores likely close enough to get to on my own, too. Plus it is near our favorite local library. Just need to figure out if we can get the up-front money together in time.
Anyway, Oscar really came through, tramping all over the place with camera and mini-recorder for notes.
He is a very unique and special guy. I found some photos in my older files on my computer and got quite a laugh from the 'many faces of Oscar'. He is a joy :-}


'Zann said...

I have always enjoyed seeing Oscar's pics on your blog - an amazing energy radiates. Thanks for sharing him here!

Anonymous said...

I echo 'Zann's comments!!!

LynnM said...

Yup, 'Zann said it. It's all in those eyes.

It helps that the man knows how to model a hat, too!

Good luck getting an accessible place that isn't covered in treacle-carpeting. I mean--duh? Okay, a lot of people would like a non-slip floor but wheels don't concurdle, do they?

Ria said...

Oscar is such a sweetheart - and one of those rare people who really come across as alive in photo's. Love the blue hair!!

Don Meyer said...

How did I miss this posting the other day? LynnM has it right -- it's all in the eyes! I love the photos of Oscar with the baby. And yes, he does model hats well, as do watermelon and other fruits and vegetables.

AlisonH said...

SUCH a good guy. So wonderful to see your joy!