Saturday, May 19, 2012

Surprise Resident

Oscar has been busy clearing out our garage with the help of our neighbor, Joe.
They encountered a hidden resident today, a Nursery Web spider that measured a just shy of 3 inches from end to end. Now that may not be big for warm places like jungles and parts of California but it is plenty big for Michigan! It was the talk of the neighborhood, and people kept coming up to look at the photo while it was still in the camera. Oscar had a good time telling his tale to young and old :-} At first we thought it was a wolf  spider but they only grow to a max of 1.2 inches or thereabouts. Anyway, whichever kind it is, it was BIG!


Don Meyer said...

Should you have been charging rent? Come into my home, said the spider to the fly.

'Zann said...

Back in Miami, FL, we had all kinds of critters that would get into the house including huge spiders the size of a palm. Now here's the good part: my mother wanted those spiders in the house because she said they ate roaches. And she named them. They were all called....Oscar!!

And congrats on the apartment - I"m so glad it has so many great features!