Tuesday, November 01, 2011

a little better every day

I can lift my left arm about two inches, so it is getting better. the broken toe is better, too.
pain levels are much less.
I will only be online every few days or so, so email replies will be delayed. Oscar needs to lift and position my laptop for me and he has plenty on his plate already.
No knitting until the arm is healed, but  I love to read and have plenty of books!
I have become the main cat roosting site and have plenty of fuzzy companionship.
Thanks for all the good thoughts!


Don Meyer said...

Keep it up -- your arm, your rest, and your spirits.

AlisonH said...

What Don said. And I love that picture: it's all about cuddling me, Mom, says the cat.

Kym said...

Sending you quick-healing-juju! Continue taking care of yourself -- kind of like your fuzzy friend, there!