Wednesday, November 02, 2011

better yet!

I am learning to type rather well with one hand.
I woke up scratching my good arm with my bad arm, which means I can reach the center of my torso now, much better.
I tried knitting and managed for two minutes before I had to stop.
My computer has a bot, my apologies for any spam that has come from my comcast account. We are on our fifth different deep scan (this one by Avast) and will keep digging until we roust it out.
My toe is still broken, but the rest of that foot is much better and pain levels are much lower.


Kym said...

That's quite a lot of improvement in such a short period of time! Here's to continued speedy healing!

Don Meyer said...

Keep it up, young lady! Better and better!

One-handed typing? Never heard of it (he wishes). My computer has a program to convert the keyboard for one-handed typing. Puts the most used keys under my right hand.