Friday, October 28, 2011

am i blue? am I blue? aren't these colorful limbs telling you?

Today's post has a theme song :-}
I am typing it with one hand, I can't raise my left arm at the moment.
First thing this morning I tripped and fell face first full force onto our tiled cement floor.
I am VERY lucky.
I have a jammed or broken big toe on the right foot, a bruised right knee that doesn't like to bend but will bear weight, a sore belly (I don't recommend belly flops without the pool) and the worst of it is my left arm/shoulder. It is either badly bruised or has a green stick fracture. Only time will tell. There is no sharp pain there, only a bad ache and inability to do the chicken dance with that arm, so likely bruised.
Any good thoughts sent my way are welcomed.
Oscar is taking very good care of me, and when I thanked him said the sweetest thing he has ever said to me:
"Life is rough, but love is good."


AlisonH said...

Oh, DIANA!!! I'm so sorry! And so glad you have Oscar, thank you, Oscar!

My experience with broken limbs is they tend to hurt more the next day.

'Zann said...

A boatload of healing thoughts headed your way, Diana!

ColorJoy LynnH said...

I am so proud my brother is such a FINE human being. Your man is fully married, an amazing guy.

That said, my clean-broken arm bone didn't have any sharp pain. I thought I had a bruise for 11 days. It was good it healed right on its own, I just had a sling for 3 months. They didn't have to re-break it. Yeah!

You are even tougher against pain than me. Don't worry that you are not being tough enough... As I did.

A hospital can't turn you away without insurance. I have a friend who had brain surgery and recovered well without insurance. You may need an x-ray. If you do, get one.

If you end up with a medical bill, we have a lotta friends who can help you deal with that when the time comes.

Anonymous said...

I just read this - I am so SORRY this happened to you!!! you know I understand falls. I am sending love and healing, and thinking about you. Hugs to Oscar, the truly great husband, for being there for you. love you - Ysabeau

morewithles said...

Oh, rats! Healing thoughts headed your way!

Don Meyer said...

Good Grief, Diana! Falling is NO fun, I know, having done it more times than I care to count.

My best wishes, prayers, and anything else that will help for a speedy recovery!

BTW, even belly flopping in a swimming pool isn't recommended.

Don't want to brag, but I've been typing with one hand for many years now.

Bruises? My doctor has me take Bilberry pills to reduce such.

Mokihana said...

Oh my goodness, Diana! I'm glad it wasn't more serious! And what I love is how Oscar is able to verbalize things like that! Most men can't; you are so blessed that he can.

Please give him a gentle hug to him for him and to give back to you.