Monday, November 01, 2010

I Got Sunshine

Just another mellow Monday today, but quite pleasant, and better than last week.
Oscar made some changes this past Friday, after our outing (just a 'walk' around the neighborhood). He installed three lovely and bright ceiling fixtures above our sitting space in the living room.
The room has always been a bit too dark for us, although most people would find it just fine with the addition of chair-side lighting. We both have Seasonal Affective Disorder, although mine is less sensitive than his. Since Autumn is well entrenched and Winter not too far away, it was time and past to make the change.
Now it is brilliant. I can see my stitches clearly, I can easily read even my oldest books without eyestrain, and I find myself brimming with energy and thus sleeping better at night.
Amazing what a little extra light can accomplish!
We did discover we will need to dim them a bit around 10 p.m. if we hope to get sleepy before midnight, but that is a minor issue compared to the mood elevating effects.
Because I spend all day almost every day in this room, it has truly changed my life dramatically in the few days since they were installed.

Thanks to my guy:


Kym said...

Most excellent! And thanks for The Temptations! I'm a Motown Girl at heart!

AlisonH said...

Haven't heard that one in way too long. What a treat. Thank you!