Friday, October 29, 2010

Falling in Love Again.

This is a post about knitting.
I have a tendency to discover a stitch pattern then fall face first in love with it. My most recent inamorata is going above and beyond that tendency. So far I have come up with ideas for fingerless mitts, mittens, socks, cowl, hat, scarf and even a baby blanket from this single stitch pattern. It is easy, it is colorful, and I really love the fabric that results. SO how many patterns should I squeeze out of this one? How many is too many??? How many patterns can I squeeze into a single PDF? Hat, mitts/mittens and cowl make sense. Hat and scarf make sense too.
The baby blanket could have baby hat and bootie socks that match. (and a sweater?) And I will LOVE socks from this stitch pattern so I don't want to leave them out.
By using completely different yarns, I can think of at least three significantly different looks.
Am I too enthusiastic? Can there be too many patterns from one designer using one basic stitch pattern? One thing, since I am an independent designer, I can make as many patterns from this as I wish, provided I have enough yarn :-}
(image is a close up of a different pattern, one that has been in progress for 3 years now.)


AlisonH said...

The art of playing. It's why knitting is so fascinating. Take it and run with it and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Ria said...