Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Luxuriating in Books

Now that the big push to finish the Gentle shawl is over, I have been focusing on catching up on my reviews. I am reading 1-3 books per day, and enjoying it!
Writing the reviews is not quite as much fun, but it is satisfying. I am up to 64 published reviews on Freshfiction, with two more submitted and waiting to go up.
I have one more book finished and the review rough drafted, and I am going to finish another one this afternoon. Some books are quicker to read than others.

I haven't stopped designing, though. I am working on items from the stitch pattern I mentioned previously, as well as a pattern using some luscious City Tweed HW for a shawl/ruana. Knit Picks sent the yarn for a pattern I designed earlier this year, but it ended up being published elsewhere, in a different yarn. I will be fulfilling my commitment to Knit Picks as well as fleshing out a design I started at least 2 years ago.

I love this stage of designing, when the ideas keep spurting up like geysers and I have all I can do to keep up with scribbling them down.
I also need to consider Christmas knitting. I don't always knit for everyone, but I like to when I can. I will do what is possible, but need to keep my work ethic first. I am finally making a bit of an income at this!
(photo was taken on our outing last week, I love the blend of fall and summer colors. I have no idea why I seem fascinated by fences these days!)

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Kym said...

1-3 books a day? I feel like such a slob! :-) I'm so glad you're having such design success! It's wonderful to see you recognized for your hard work and creativity.