Thursday, October 07, 2010

A Happier Post

Thank you everyone. I received so many supportive comments, here, via email and by phone it really helped me regain my balance again.
Yesterday was my 48th birthday, and that always cheers me up, too :-}.
Today Oscar will make my birthday cake, a pan of gingerbread (my favorite).
Today I went to the doctor, found out I have lost more weight than I had thought, had a biopsy taken of a small mole on my nose and received information about who to call for home health services. I will make that call tomorrow morning. (I've lost more than 25 pounds this summer! Not bad for someone who can't exercise much!) Results of the biopsy should be in next week.
A friend also researched local accessible housing. That may be invaluable down the road, once the economy is better and we can afford to sell our current home (which cannot be made fully accessible).
I made more money on patterns (not counting advances) last month than ever before, and that check arrived today (Yay Knit Picks!!).
I have two more patterns ready to submit, but the photographs won't be taken until the 21st.
I am going to be receiving a bonus for doing book reviews... one of the books I am reviewing had Tshirts as part of the marketing, distributed only at ComiCon... and I get one!!!
I have been focused on submitting as many reviews (to as I can, and currently have 54 published, with two more awaiting editor's review.
We are driving down to see my folks tomorrow, for the first time in months, and I have gone an entire week without any cold or flu symptoms.
So, life is pretty good here on the other side of my bad days.


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I've gotten behind on my blog reading, but was so happy to read this post! Sounds like good things are happening! And Hoo-Ray for the 25 pound loss! Wow! That's terrific. You are an inspiration, Diana. I always appreciate your perspective, your honesty, and your attitude. (I also LOVE the photo of you and Oscar!)