Sunday, October 10, 2010


Oscar took me down to visit my folks on Friday. My brother Kenny had back surgery about a week ago, but he had his daughters bring him for supper.
(Man oh man he was hurting)
I was able to see two of my nieces, and also my brother Kelly (he stopped by to help up load a chair into our car).
Oscar's livingroom chair was broken, on its last legs so-to-speak,
Now he has a recliner that no longer fit physically into Mom and Dad's house, and it fits him perfectly. I am so glad :-} Oscar tends to think of himself last, and I do my best to make sure he is happy (good thing I am stubborn).
Mom made Clam Chowder for Dad, Kenny, Breanna and me. She and Oscar ate some of her homemade beef and vegetable soup. (allergies dictate two kinds of dishes when we all eat together sometimes)
We had a wonderful time chatting, and Oscar and I enjoyed telling Dad about a show we love to watch, called Swamp People. Dad has been a hunter and trapper all his life until recently, and he appreciates the lifestyle behind the Cajun alligator hunting season.
The stroke has left it's effects. Dad gets a little confused sometimes, for example, but overall he understands our conversations and takes part in them as well. The biggest effect of the stroke is that his temperament has become sweet, the way Kenny and I remember him when I was very young. It has been a gift to have the Daddy I remember back again, especially since the doctors told us the chances of him being coherent or walking were slim.
He gets around pretty well with his walker, and still tells jokes :-}
My folks are both getting up there in years, and I hope we can have many more visits like the one on Friday.

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AlisonH said...

Good things sometimes come in difficult packages; I'm glad you've got the best in your Dad back! And I loved the photo in the previous post--and to hear your coming back up for air again.