Thursday, May 06, 2010

Kiva Reloan

First thing in July I will be totting up the total number of Cloud on Her Shoulders and Kiva Bag patterns people bought during the first half of 2010; then will make the distribution of funds to Susan G. Komen and create some new Kiva loans. This is going to be a very good year. Just from the advance I received from Knitpicks, I will be able to finance two more Kiva loans, and I hope to be well on the way to a third if people just buy a few more Kiva Bag patterns between now and June 30th.
I recently learned that Doris Yolanda Blanco Huallpa has been able to repay the loan I made in January, financed by the Kiva Bag sales from last year, which means I was able to visit and choose another recipient. I chose (with Oscar's input):
The Santa Rosa Group
The Santa Rosa Women's Committee was started in the San Cayetano neighborhood of Carapegua, 3 kilometers from the Carapegua office. They are active women and the majority of them work to generate income for their families. The women of this committee are seeking support in the form of a loan to boost their household incomes and improve the quality of life for their families. Luciana resells handicraft that she brings from the city Yataity del Guaira. Yataity del Guaira is know for the Ao po'i clothing, which is made of embroidered cloth. This clothing is in demand and Luciana makes the most of this in her sales. She is requesting this loan to purchase Ao Po'i clothing.


Kym said...

I love the Kiva loans project! So perfectly empowering.

morewithles said...

this is really, really terrific.

Antara said...

The Kiva loans project is fantastic! Inspiring! :-)