Monday, May 10, 2010


I never had kids. first I was too young, too immature to make a good mother, then I was in a toxic relationship, then I suddenly required a full hysterectomy and the chance was gone. When Oscar and I met, we talked about adoption but before we came to a decision I became ill, and then disabled.
This all leads up to the wonderful gift Amanda and Tommy gave us in October 2008, when our godson was born. Although we don't have much to do with his day-to-day care, to us, he is the son of our heart, and we will be part of his life, and he of ours.
So, I celebrated Mother's Day by calling my mom, calling my niece Liz (who is having her very first Mother's Day this year) and by being thankful for Sean.


LynnM said...

Even at 26, I was probably too young to know what I was getting into. HAHAHAHA. But my kid (almost 18) has turned out alright.

I know it's become a cliche but it does take a village. Or in today's terminology: outsourcing. I love when some people teach my daughter to drive and others take her on college tours. From June 30-Aug15th I'm glad she's with people who care for her, even if she txts in the middle of the night: "Stupid rooster won't shut up." (Seriously, rooster.)

Watching Sean grow up and caring for him will enrich your life so much. It's all shared! Just think twice about what he'll text his folks one day if you decide to keep chickens.

Anonymous said...

sweet. and i love the picture!

Kym said...

What a gorgeous little boy! How wonderful that you and Oscar have little Sean in your lives. What a gift!

Leslie said...

What a lovely post and a great honour to you. Happy Mother's Day to you then.

AlisonH said...

Especially when they get to be teens, the people who care about them who aren't their parents are the ones they feel able to turn to and open to and who are so essential to their outcome, as well as their parents. I imagine just about every adult already knows this; I guess what I'm saying is, thank you both for being a person of Sean's heart as he grows up.