Sunday, April 04, 2010

Ebay, Another Prize Added, and Important Note

First, if you left a comment and it did not appear, we seem to be having some problems. Please email me the gist of your comment at ottergal AT comcast DOT net. A friend left at least 2 comments that never showed up! What a time for the blog to get glitchy! So please, go back to previous posts during the blogiversary and make certain your comment appeared. If it is not there, just email me the basic info (which prize you like so far, any comment on etc) so I can add you to the drawing. I'd hate to miss anyone's entry!

Second, the ebay auctions we listed last week are ending today, so if you want to swoop in and grab a bargain, time is running out. A particular listing is for Rosemary Hill's Elements of Style, all about making knitted and crocheted jewelry, It lists (used) on Amazon for almost $14, I have it listed for a $2.99 starting bid, and it has no bids yet! The auctions will be ending between 4 and 5 p.m. EST today.

Third, as you can see from the photo at the top of the post, today's prize addition is all about crochet. The winner will receive a brand new 22" Susan Bates size J Tunisian (or Afghan) cable crochet hook, a used but sturdy hairpin lace frame, and two crochet hooks sizes H and N respectively.


Beverly said...

Wow, nice!

Leslie said...

Where do you keep coming up with these goodies?

Beverly said...

I'm a little confused, hope this is where one comments for your
blogoversary...Congrats, BTW! My favorite things about your pattern site are 1) the back story on your Aconite shawl (made me all teary-eyed); and your model. Until I listened to Kelly Petkun's interview with you I thought that model was you.


Beverly said...

postscript to comment from me (Beverly): I should have added that of all the prizes, I like the yarn the best.