Friday, March 05, 2010

Wild Cherry Bark Mitts, Knit Picks Version

The sun has been glorious the past few days. Temperatures are still cold, but the sun streaming in does wonders for fighting the winter doldrums. The drier air is accelerating the evaporation of the snow, too. I can see several feet around the outside edges of the back yard now, and I expect to spot a crocus nose soon.
On to the Wild Cherry Bark Mitts. I used a yarn called Elegance for the mitts this time. It was pretty amazing. The color (called Barn Red) was a darkish red, kind of an intense russet... until it was bathed in sunshine. The yarn came alive with fiery highlights, and I fell in love. The texture is even softer than the Gloss HW (Elegance is 70% baby alpaca, 30% silk) and the mitts felt glorious. I tried to take photos of the 'sun effect' but the color still falls a bit short.

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Lynx said...

ok, ok, I see how the increases are supposed to look! ;-) thanks for the closeup (is it going in the pattern?)