Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Corydalis - New Submissions to Knit Picks

I had a nice photo session with Amanda on Sunday.
It is remarkable to me the difference yarn can make in a pattern.
I like all the versions, but they have a different feel to me.
I will be posting about them individually; first up, the Corydalis Cowl.
My original version was made with Malabrigo, the Knit Picks version with Gloss HW... a yummy rich wool and silk blend.
It has a subtle sheen to it, and has a heavier hand than the Malabrigo. Like thick whipped cream. The gauge changed slightly, so I ended up reducing the number of seed stitch rows, but it remained the same height as the Malabrigo version. You really do need to fondle this to believe how luscious the yarn feels.
I am working on samples for my Farrow Rib Set from this same yarn, in Aegean.


Lynx said...

ooooh, it looks YUMMY in white! makes me want to go knit an aran sweater. now I might have to frog the inishturk and start it over in white... more likely, I will pick up some white yarn for the next corydalis I make, which will be soon as I am sending the first one to my mum and I want one to show off. :-)

Chuckle: today's WV: viations

Blue said...

Diana, this is so lovely! Wish I were not allergic to wool.

AlisonH said...

Looks like the antidote for a cold winter day (she typed with wool-socked but cold feet and two sweaters on).

Karen said...

Just love this cowl, Diana!