Saturday, March 06, 2010

Mourning my Coffee

I learned some catastrophic news yesterday. Ok, only catastrophic for me. I discovered COFFEE has citric acid in it. And contrary to what your logic might tell you, the darker the roast, the less citric acid (and more of other acids) it contains. My perfect cup of coffee is a light roast. It does explain why I have had troublesome days when having more than a single cup. It is impossible to avoid all citric acid. Heck, a human body produces quite a bit of it during the course of the day, but it is almost instantly metabolized thus doesn't create a problem for those of us with hyper sensitivity. It is only when I encounter more than a certain level of citric acid that the results are life-altering. But to be as healthy as I can be, I need to avoid it in foods and topical substances when I can. Which means, for my health, I need to give up one of my most beloved morning rituals; my cup of coffee. Low acid substitutes (like Kona brand) will not get rid of the citric acid, and wouldn't be as satisfying anyway. (It only alters the pH, and doesn't remove the ingredients)
I DO enjoy a strong cup of tea, though, 'strong enough to revive a dead mouse' as some might say, so I will make that my new morning ritual. I hope after a few weeks of this my health will improve, if so, it will be worth the sacrifice.
I know, life could be worse, but it was a hard blow.


momtroll said...

I remember when I could not have REAL tea. I thought I would die as I was going cold turkey. I had a head ache through the whole week of spring vacation! Now, I only have the real stuff when I have a head ache. I enjoy all sorts of tea, esp. mint. Sorry for the bummer news, but I think you will come to enjoy your first cup of tea of the day.

LynnM said...

I love the smell of coffee but can't drink it, even decaf. I do enjoy coffee ice cream in the states, but UK stuff is foul.

When I lived with an Italian, he made the most amazing espresso, but I didn't link it to the palpitations and panic attacks I suffered that year until I switched to tea after we broke up. Even decaf coffee causes palpitations and yet battery-acid strength tea has been fine for two decades.

Sorry for your loss but when a door closes, a window opens (or is it the other way around?)

Oh! on a similar topic, when I met my ex-husband he introduced me to Horlick's malted milk. Turned out it caused dermographic urticaria. Lesson? Avoid foreign men. HAHAHAHAHA.

AlisonH said...

I had to give up all chocolate, including my morning ritual of hot cocoa, with my big Crohn's flares. For me, this was huge. When my GI dr. told me in defiance of some of his colleagues that fer cryin' out loud, go enjoy your cocoa again, I nearly hugged him.

Good luck. I know it can be done. I also know it's awful to have to give something like that up.

Anonymous said...

oh, that sucks. i'm sorry.

Martin Rolph (Oval) said...

Just stay away from Earl Grey tea as that has citric acid in it too!