Thursday, October 08, 2009

Knitting For Sean

I have a lot of knitting planned, and some of it is even mostly completed, but an odd thing keeps happening. The colder it gets outside, the more knitting a sweater for Sean keeps popping up in my mind.
Now I know his mom is not taking him out without proper weather gear. I know my knitting will not be the only thing between him and frigid Michigan winter air. Still.
Despite the logic which says to finish up the last of the Cthulhuclava (only tentacles and side bits to go) or to finish writing and knitting the City Tweed shawl the nice woman at Knit Picks gave me yarn for (only the last four or five inches left to knit), I want to knit for Sean.
I want him to be as toasty warm as possible, and even though he has loads of people who love him and will wrap him warmly, my heart insists my knitting stands between him and a cold belly button.
So I cast on about 90 stitches of doubled #4 (worsted weight) yarn, thinking I could knit something in a day or two that would do. After a few inches, the little voice started up again...

"This won't be warm enough.."
"Look, it's 100% wool, it's garter stitches, it will be worn over or under other stuff, it's fine.."
"Nope, look, if you stretch it you can see the sky through it. Not. Warm. Enough."
"Listen, if you stretch ANY piece of non-felted knitting, you see the sky through it. Besides, air pockets help with the warmth."
"Not... Warm... Enough..."

So I put it down, to think about. I had a bunch of other stuff non-knitting related to do yesterday anyway.
And I woke up this morning thinking.. if I just triple the strands of yarn, it would make it nice bulky fabric, especially if I use a textured slip-stitch pattern.
I just hope the voice stays quiet this time. The way this is heading, Sean will look like an armadillo and not be able to lower his arms.
He'll be warm though.


AlisonH said...

Enjoy it, revel in it, have fun with it--they don't stay small very long.

Karen said...

Sean's a lucky little boy to have such a caring aunt. Hey, go for it! You can't deny the knitting muse!!!

ColorJoy LynnH said...

LOL as long as he's not a furnace all by himself, as some kids are... he'll need clothes this winter and what better to wear than lovingly made stuff, just for him?

Meanwhile just making it is good for you, and good for your relationship with Amanda and Sean. I say go for it.

Zina said...

Heh. Tell your little voice to mind it's own business. Most little kids just strip things off if they're too hot anyway. :)

Lynx said...

Remind the little voice that anything made with that much love is automatically warmer than anything store-bought! :-)

Kym said...

Knit fast. Before he grows! :-)

Mokihana said...

He sure is cute! Yeah, knit fast!