Monday, October 05, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This post is all about an advertisement for my Cloud on Her Shoulders shawl. Yep, I get a few dollars from the sale of the pattern, but $1 from each sale goes to the Susan G. Komen foundation. It can be purchased by clicking the 'buy now' button to the right side of this page.
This is a very important month for me. Two of my friends fought breast cancer and its results for more than a decade before it killed them, and the shawl and the donations it makes possible are my way of showing my gratitude they were in my life.

About the shawl:

Feather Light, Cozy Warm, Easy to knit, and Portable
One Size fits up to 4XL, riding higher on the shoulders of us larger people.
Unless you are a tight knitter, uses just 1.5 skeins (about 150 yards) of Suri Dream or another fluffy light yarn.
$1.00 from each purchased pattern goes to the Susan G. Komen For The Cure foundation

People who have had shoulder injuries, or older folks who are a little frail can be very vulnerable to cold, yet find heavy shoulder coverings uncomfortable. People receiving cancer treatment sometimes feel very chilled, and any extra weight can feel like a burden. This shawl will keep them warm, with almost no added weight.

The curved back and neckline means the shawl sits securely on the shoulders, and does not roll or fold uncomfortably against the back when seated. It has the added advantage of being extremely compressible, so it can be smooshed into a small container for travel and will be just as fluffy and warm when it’s taken out for use.

Great for using your own hand spun yarn, as well.

So, if you are a knitter, please consider purchasing the pattern, I want this month to mark the biggest donation yet. I can't do the walks and runs being held this month, but this, I can do.

(with thanks to Amanda for her modeling skills, wearing fuzzy alpaca on the hottest day of the summer.)


Kym said...

Oh, Diana! What a beautiful shawl - and a beautiful gesture. :-)

AlisonH said...

Beautiful, and for a good cause.

Leslie said...

As a survivor myself, I salute you! Thanks.

Karen said...

Beautiful, beautiful shawl, Diana. You're such a sweet person.

morewithles said...