Friday, October 09, 2009

LynnieAnnie's Dragontail Shawl

A while back, LynnieAnnie (aka LynnM) won a set of my then-current patterns. She has made a cool Noro Elijah hat, and she also used some Noro from her stash to make a beautiful version of my Dragontail Shawl. She used two skeins (about 335 yards).
She writes:
"This pattern beautifully shows off the colors in a yarn like Noro Shikisai. I would rate this pattern as medium difficulty overall but easy for a lace pattern, and nicely repetitive once established. I used 2 skeins of stash yarn, and unfortunately didn’t have enough to add the optional border included with the pattern."
Even without the knitted-on border, I like how it looks. She has given me permission to share her photos here. I've included a few of my own, showing different ways of wearing the shawl. I like how she has tucked it under her jacket as a neck scarf, too, in the photo above. (Pattern is available for $4 as a PDF download on the right of this page)

Edited to Add: Zina asked what fiber made the pale blue Dragontail, it is Berrocco Seduce Colors; #4494, details HERE:


LynnM said...

Wow, I'm famous on the Internets now! And so is the Mountsandel otter. So glad I won your patterns and got to cyber-meet you, and so is the Shikisai or else it might remain stash bound instead of being the shawl/scarf it was clearly meant to be.

Zina said...

Whoa, LOVE that! I particularly like the pale blue, for some reason. Surprise. Normally I go straight for the Noro, but that pale blue is fantastic! What is it?

Diana Troldahl said...

The pale blue is Berroco Seduce Colors in #4494. Glad you like it!

Karen said...

Love, love the shawl photographs. Your patterns are magical!

Leslie said...