Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Good Day

Today was MUCH better than I feared. We realized that traveling in our car, Little Blue (a Chevy Aveo) is MUCH better for my abdomen than traveling in the van with my chair.
So we will be looking into outfitting Little Blue to tow a special trailer for my chair, and maybe I can travel further again. We use the manual wheelchair with Little Blue, and that means Oscar needs to wheel me around. I like using my motorized chair.
I think selling the van would cover the costs of the accessories for moving the motorized chair around, and then someone else would get more use out of Grandpa Van than we do.

Today we traveled about 15 minutes to the Secretary of State's office to get my drivers license and tags for the van. It only took about 15 minutes there, which is VERY good. It meant we had time to stop and see our friend who runs Lai Thai only a few doors down from the Sec. of State.
Her daughter is now having seizures every day, and they hope to get her into surgery in October.
She is a widow, and things are rough for her right now. I plan a bright pink shawl, in alpaca to keep her warm. I waited in Little Blue while Oscar went in to order. It was very pleasant, I had sun streaming in the window, and a lap full of lime green Cthuluclava to knit on. Then she sent a Thai iced tea out to me, and it got even better.

I am still feeling pretty darned good now that I'm home. :-}

As I came up the ramp I saw these beautiful maple leaves arching over.


AlisonH said...

Gorgeous leaves and a fitting celebration to your feeling better. I'm picturing your car with the trailer-hitch setup I've often seen around here with motorized chairs.

My best wishes to your friend and her daughter, too.

Kym said...

15 minutes at the Sec of State's office? You're kidding, right! I always dread, Dread, DREAD a trip to the Sec of State's office. . . unless I have some knitting! Gorgeous leaves, Diana. Spectacular.