Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A VERY Good Day

My pattern is published in The Anticraft! I had a lot of fun designing these. I have mixed emotions about alcohol consumption. I think it's fine for most folk on occasion, and I use it for medicinal purposes when I get particularly horrible 'flu, and even have a recreational drink now and then. But my ex-husband is an alcoholic, and I've seen and lived with the damage it can cause when abused. Thus it was enjoyable to come up with "Big Damn Hooch" but the other side of the coin came out when I thought of names like 'Rot Gut" and "Rat Bile", and my Skull and Crossbones design.
This was great for a publication like The Anticraft. No preaching, just a clear look at the darker bits with a strong injection of humor.

Anyway, they are quick and fun to make no matter WHAT'S in the bottles.


Karen said...

Very, very cute, Diana! Congratulations!!!

Zina Lee said...

Kewl, congrats on the publish! *goes back to feverishly knitting*

Anonymous said...

Totally clever and cool!!!

Anonymous said...

Totally clever and cool!!!

Kym said...

Oh, Diana! How FUN are these designs! Love the skull-and-crossbones! Definitely my favorite. :-)

'Zann said...

Hi Diana - just catching up on your blog after not reading blogs for a Loooooong time.
These are great - you are fabulous! Congrats on getting published in Anticraft!!