Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wipe outs

My 47th birthday is a week from today.
I am at that stage of recovery from last Wednesday where I can do stuff like make my lunch, but taking a shower seems to be a HUGE task, and by the time I get out, I am shaking.
My brain has been working better since about Sunday, so that's good.
I managed to get the purple shawl pattern (City Tweed yarn in Morning Glory by Knit Picks) close to the middle bit of designing, where I have knitted part of it and frogged once, and know how I will begin it the second time.
Tomorrow I need to go get my license renewed. Not that I use it much, still, hope springs; if not eternal, at least for a while yet.
I will likely be wiped out again after that adventure.
Good thing I have 47 rows of plain stockinette to work on for a Cthulhuclava.
Then I'll have 6 days to (hopefully) recover.
A week from tomorrow I have a doc appointment, which will wipe me out again.
I had planned to start knitting in public the week after that, but since I have been fighting daily fevers for more than a month now, I think I need to take two weeks and REALLY recover.
I suspect Doc will have some tests for me to go to, too.
Being wiped out is not a good thing, especially since I don't even get to surf first.
Fibro flares really suck.

(image from free pictures at deshow.net)


AlisonH said...

Take good care of yourself, y'hear?

Zina Lee said...

Man, that sucks. Hope things let up soon. Thank goodness for knitting!

A Cthulhuclava sounds a good idea. :)

Kym said...

Be gentle with yourself. Enjoy each wonderful moment, and try not to get too wrapped up in what will happen next. (Easy to say. Hard to do.) You are making progress, and that is a Wonderful Thing. Smile. And remember that each moment is . . . all we really have. :-)