Thursday, July 02, 2009

A new deadline and challenge

Thanks to a timely call from Lynn, I was able to snag another coveted Ravelry ad, to begin on August 1st this time. I COULD use it for one of my existing patterns, but I would rather use it for this year's charity pattern. I will be sending $1 from each sold pattern to Kiva.
This means I have given myself a deadline of completing the brand new pattern by July 16th. It first needs to be listed with Patternfish, then on Ravelry before I can submit my ad for approval. The submission deadline is July 22nd.
I have been having a ball collecting images, drawing, coloring, and trying out different outlines for the project. As usual, I enjoy letting the details be secret seeds until they have flowered into the pattern for me. It often mutates beyond the original concept by the time I am done, anyway. :-}
I have narrow the shapes to three choices, and have determined on two different colorways.
Now I am trying to translate my sketches into a stranded pattern.... Which has already mutated the sketch three times this morning LOL.

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Leslie said...

Oooh, good luck with that.

Thanks for the kind comment on the socks, they are fun, second pair I've made, so that tells you something, right.