Monday, June 01, 2009

Off on an Adventure

It's half adventure, half test.
Oscar and I are traveling further than I've gone for 5 years. We will be attending a late-model dirt track race for charity called Prelude to the Dream.
My new tools include my motorized chair, which has it's own shocks, and a belly binder, which I hope will reduce the trauma to my abdomen when riding in the van. I fully expect to have some level of recuperation needed when we get back, but if it's not too bad, it really expands what Oscar and I can do together.


Leslie said...

Woot, so glad to hear you are getting out! That so rocks. HAVE FUN!

AlisonH said...

That is wonderful! Have a great time!

(Walking away humming "Freedom" a la Arlo Guthrie)