Monday, June 29, 2009


Piecework Magazine had a challenge in their May/June issue that was right up my alley.
They asked us to use directions they provided from Weldon's Practical Needlework Volume 10 (published in the 1800s) to complete a crochet project. Both projects were among those I had wanted to try anyway, so I decided to try my hand.
Instead of just making the item, I decided to create a complete clarified pattern translation into modern terms, using a smaller version, and providing several photos of the steps involved in a pdf.
I finished one of them today. I may or may not do the other, easier one another day. I am kind of melty-brained right now.
Who knows, if they like my work, they may ask me to consult with them in the future (at least the challenge mentioned that possibility).
I own all of the Weldon's books except volume 3, and also have several digital files of vintage needlework patterns (Yay Gutenberg Project!). I often go to them for inspiration in designing.
If Piecework is not interested, I will post the pdf here, and on Ravelry.

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