Sunday, June 28, 2009

Idea scooped from Mokihana

Outside my window… The backyard is green filtered through green, all the maples and the grass, the weeds providing the birds with hiding space.

I am thinking… about the patterns waiting to be designed, and how Deborah Newton's book will help.

I am thankful for… my life.

From the kitchen…Oscar made delicious grilled pork chops, and I had a lovely big bowl of carefully selected fruit without getting sick

I am wearing… my soft green dress

I am creating… a magical mosaic square from Barbara Walker's pattern, for a winter afghan.

I am going… no where until next Friday, when we will go see No Doubt (and Paramore) in concert.

I am reading… Designing Knitwear, by Deborah Newton, and Small Favor by Jim Butcher.

I am hoping… I can find a knit meet accessible to me, that meets on Fridays.

I am hearing… the air conditioner, and some birds

Around the house… in transition.

One of my favorite things… cuddling my husband

A few plans for the rest of the week: More sorting and discarding and making space.


Deborah Newton said...

Hope the book proves useful! That was my goal.

Designing is not rocket science (although for some people that might be easy!)-- it's just taking who you are and what you like and applying some real attention, and something happens!

Good luck and enjoy yourself!

Deb Newton
Providence, RI

Mokihana said...

Love your post! I think I may do the same idea again. It's interesting what others come up with!

Leslie said...

Happy day it sounded lilke to me. Simple Pleasures are the best!